October 27, 2012

blue night sky...

Sway's Futon & Folding Screen [Tsukimi] (no modify) ~ New 

This cute futon has 8 single animations and 5 couple animations.

Sway's MoonBunny [Tsukimi] (no modify) ~ New

Comes in 3 sizes, for decoration. 
The small version also can be wearable since it has a holding pose for it.


Sway's Futon & Folding Screen [Tsukimi] (no modify) ~ Lançamento

Esse futon/caminha super fofa possui 8 poses individuais e 5 de casais.

Sway's MoonBunny [Tsukimi] (no modify) ~ Lançamento

Vem com 3 tamanhos, para decoração.
A menor versão dá pra segurar já que vem com uma pose pra tal.

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